It's easy!
1. You choose the jingle you like best.
2. We work with you to customize the lyrics to suit your unique selling proposition.
3. Then, our team of professional studio singers go to work. We create a complete jingle package — customized just for you.


Thanks for ordering your new Jingle!
We’ll go to work immediately on a lyric for you. One that will fit seamlessly with the theme you chose, and that carries the message you specified.
What to expect next:
Expect a personal email from Jack within the next couple of days. jingle studio It will contain your new lyrics and ask you to approve them.

If you’d like to tweek them a bit, feel free. (Please realize that they still must fit the rhythm of the music to be singable.)
Upon your approval of the lyrics:
After we get your lyrics perfect for you, pay half and we’ll bring our singers into the studio and record your jingle. Then, we’ll get it up on our site for you to hear. Pay the other half and download your new jingle immediately!

We’ll also send you a CD containing the entire package, including sing-ins, sing-outs, donuts, and alternate mixes in both 30-sec & 60-sec versions, fully prepped and mastered, ready for immediate use in your TV spots and radio commercials.
I’ll be contacting you soon with some great new lyrics for you to tweek!
Thank you again for your Jingle order. Remember you are under NO OBLIGATION to pay for anything until you are completely delighted with every step in the process.

As always, please call me at 214-636-5887 with any questions you may have.

My best to you!

Jack Waldenmaier, President and Executive Producer, Jingle Image